So, What’s the Problem?!

How many times have you been wondering how much would it cost you to initiate, extend or customise a software product?

If you are a software development or services house, chances are you have been asked to provide “quotes” for the project or piece of work you’re about to do.

The problem is, unless you’re doing ‘exactly’ the same job you’ve done before (we all know it’s quite rare in IT World!), it’s not easy and straightforward to come up with a ‘number’.

If you’re on the other side of the fence and asking for quote (informally or via tender), it’s likely you get different numbers from different vendors, sometimes way apart from each other. How do you realise which vendor has quoted ‘in the ballpark’?


is a very common mistake project teams make!

Too many teams have suffered from underestimation. No matter if you’re the one delivering the products or services or receiving them, you’re on the same boat!

For the vendor, underestimation leads to direct loss of money and reputation. For the client, underestimation means project cost and time overruns, disputes and costly delays.

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How ArciFrame Helps?

ArciFrame estimates the effort, cost and resources for IT projects. We revolutionised IT Projects Estimation by introducing a 3-step process to get to the result in just a few minutes:

1. Define Project Details and Assumptions

Define project details, scope and assumptions such as complexity, resource skillsets and team structure

2. Define Project Type

For example ‘.Net Web Application’, ‘SAP Migration’ or ‘General Integration’ project

3. Define Work Items

Work items are the main input in order to get the accurate estimation

And the Result is..

Sophisticated reports and charts helping you to make informed decision and plan the project effectively.

ArciFrame helps you compare different solution options by comparing the cost and effort required for each option.

You’ll also have a repository of work-items for the project. As the project progresses, you can compare the estimated vs. actual effort, and tweak the assumptions so that your next estimate is even more accurate. It’s achieved by defining your own customised templates so you’ll never have to do it again for the future similar projects.

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Who can benefit most from ArciFrame?

  • IT Project Managers: by getting an accurate estimate for the project they are about to plan for
  • Solution Architects: by comparing the cost and effort estimate for different solution options
  • Software Developers: when asked to estimate for development of new modules or change existing ones, ArciFrame helps them backing their estimate using a scientific and industry-standard figures.
  • Consulting Firms: They can manage their risk and increase their chance of winning the project by giving the client more accurate and industry-standard response. Also it helps them to manage their resources for the project more efficiently.
  • Clients receiving IT products or services: When the client receive multiple responses for an RFP, ArciFrame helps them choose the right vendor using industry-benchmarking.
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How it works?

ArciFrame’s sophisticated estimation formula is based on past IT industry experience. It’s developed based on more than 4 years of R&D in the IT industry, literatures and more importantly, many years of experience gained by successful multinational IT consulting companies delivering successful projects.

But it doesn’t stop there! We understand that every project is unique and the effort and cost of implementing it might be different from other similar projects. The beauty of ArciFrame is that predefined templates and assumptions can be used as guidelines and you also have full control over changing these assumptions and even defining your own set of templates. This way you’ll have your very own customised templates you can use for current and future projects

ArciFrame can be used for very large or very small, new or existing projects.

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